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(Part of my Gone Fishing story)

Today I take a lot of pictures to document where I go and what I see. This hasn’t always been the case, including my 7 week ‘cruise’ in the South Pacific. Of course, in 1997 you didn’t have a camera in your pocket in the form of a smart phone. It was back in the days of film cameras. The horror!

I took my point-and-shoot film camera with me to Samoa. I thought it would be perfect for the trip as it had a pretty good telephoto lens and was nice and compact. Relatively speaking considering it was 1997. But it died pretty soon into the trip. Fortunately Jean, the pilot, let me use his camera (and I had brought a couple of disposable cameras as well).

The image quality of the pics I took is nothing like what I’m easily able to produce today. I printed the photos soon after returning home (at some cheap film developer I’m sure) and eventually scanned them so I’d have a digital copy. End result are pictures that get the point across, but definitely won’t win any quality of image awards.

Images are separated into galleries below, grouped with similar subject matters. You can click on any picture in a gallery to open up a viewer that allows you to see the complete image and cycle thru the images in each gallery. Quicklinks to each gallery are immediately below.


The Helicopter

The Ship (Interior)

The Ship (Exterior)


The Crew


American Samoa