3 August 1997

(Part of my Gone Fishing story)

Sunday, 3 August 1997

Day 16 at Sea

1030 hours SAMOAN TIME (Pacific Time minus four hours)

Sometime in the last day or so of our steaming westward, we crossed into another time zone once again. This time the captain chose not to have us set our clocks back, and it shows.

Now when I get up at 0500 hours, the great outdoors does not become light for another one and one-half hours. The days are growing longer as we haven’t caught any more fish yet.

The sky outside has been a constant gray backdrop. Reminds me of living in Washington State, except it’s not quite as green here. Reminds me of why I moved. It sure is true that the weather outside affects the mood of people- and of fish, I believe. The wind is blowing at a nice pace; more is good to set the nets, I believe.

My mind grows weary of this routine. Occasionally, pieces of Christmas carols ring through my head as I keep remembering a statement of mine- we will be at this until Christmas!

Actually, I guess it is quite normal for these periods of inactivity to arise. Soon things will pick up again, or I am swimming to Hawaii!

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