6 Years And Counting…

6 years ago today I left the Phoenix Metro Area and headed into the great unknown. The start of my nomadic journey.

First night on the road
First Night On The Road

What a ride it’s been, and it isn’t close to being over.

The people I’ve met. The places I’ve seen. The times I’ve had.

Going on the road was one of the best decisions, if not THE best, of my life.

It has opened up many opportunities. New friendships. New business. New life.

Camp Addict crew
This Never Would Have Happened

No idea what 2020 has in store for me, other than I’m confident it will be the least amount of miles I’ve covered to date.

As I shelter in place in the middle of nowhere, far from civilization, I look forward to what the future holds.

If it’s been anything like the past 6 years, it’s going to be an incredible ride!

2 thoughts on “6 Years And Counting…

    • Thanks, Joe and Kait! (though I know which of you two wrote this 😂)

      Being far from civilization has a few advantages. At least I have yet to go insane. Though that might happen by the end of summer. 😬


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