Happy Birthday To Me!

This time last year I was celebrating my birthday in Moab, surrounded by a large number of fellow nomads who were in the area for the Xscapers Moab Convergence.

This year I’m hunkering down in a much different climate, moochdocking on land owned by very good friends and fellow full-time RVers.

snow covered trailers
Home Sweet Brrr Home

We’ve been here a week, though in some ways it seems like a lot longer. And we are here for the duration. Until the cold weather drives us out. Unless we can figure out some way to stay here over the winter. In RVs. Um, sounds miserable.

Not that we haven’t had our share of cold weather. Woke up to 20º temps outside this morning. It’s currently 39º at 12:30pm. Yay?

hail on ground
Last Night’s Hail

Weather forecast calls for higher temps starting next week. And by higher I mean lows closer to freezing. Who am I that I am looking forward to lows closer to freezing?

I don’t do cold. Until I have to.

But I digress. Here we are. Safe. Away from the masses. Our nearest neighbor is 1/4 mile away, unless you count the occasional herd of cows.

Brian watching cows
Brian Checks Out The Neighbors

Definitely looking forward to warmer weather. I’ve been told the flowers are spectacular a little later in the year.

But right now I’m most looking forward to a consistently working interwebs connection. Can you hear me now?

Happy 48th Birthday to me! 48??? Really? 😯 Really! 🎉

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