Playing Catch-Up

I’m behind in my blog and I don’t seem to be able to catch-up to the current time. This bothers me. It’s an albatross around my neck which I don’t like. Currently I am three and one-half months behind and I don’t seem to be able to close this gap.

I am at my parent’s place as I write this, so I am not traveling. One of my goals during this “down time” was to catch up with my blog, but I am failing. I anticipated being able to catch-up with my blog posts in no time, but I have been here 7 weeks and have utterly failed at this. In theory, I should be leaving before the year is over (though, like many things in life, this plan is fluid) and need to be caught up. For my sanity. Seriously.

There are many reasons excuses why this is. Traveling alone doesn’t mean that you are alone, something that I learned my first month on the road. I have more friends now than I ever have had in my life. Real friends. People I enjoy spending time with. And many of them are either currently in the area or have passed through.

Then there is family that I enjoy spending time with. My parents. My cousin who snowbirds in the area. And a relationship that I am cultivating, which is extremely important to me.

And there are the holidays. Enough said about this.

Let’s not forget life. You know, work, and everything else that one does during the normal course of living. All of which takes time and means I am not blogging.

A couple of fellow full-timers have recently blogged about the trials of blogging. These are people I have met, spent time with, and respect. I also happen to agree with what they have to say about blogging. Amanda of Watsons Wander wrote about blogging late last month, and Nina of Wheelingit fame posted about the same subject two days later. See, I am not the only person who ponders blogging. And believe me, I ponder it!

So here I sit with about 20 blog posts I need to write in order to get caught up to today. Never mind what will come up during the time I am playing catch-up. So I am making a decision about how I will cover things moving forward.

I started this blog so I would have a record of places I have travelled, things I have experienced, and sights I have seen. For purely personal reasons. As a memory aid. Turns out my parents enjoy reading about my adventures, as do a few non-family members, which is pretty cool. But ultimately I blog for myself. This may sound selfish, but it is the truth.

I also tend to write very long blog posts. I spend an inordinate amount of time researching places I have been and things I have seen as to add “value” to my blog posts. Not really sure why I do this, as it isn’t something I need. After all, if I want to learn something more about a place I have been, I can just Google it.

So from here on out I am going to make a valiant attempt to write shorter blog posts. To catch-up. To not write 1,000 words when 500 is more than enough. Let pictures speak for themselves and let my audience do a bit of Googling if they want to know more about a place or thing. And I am writing this in a post as that’s what you are supposed to do, right? Put it out there so you can be held accountable. Or something like that.

Looking at my list of blog posts that need to be composed, I see a couple that are gonna be long, but for the most part, I should be able to stick to writing fewer words. I have to. For my sanity. Of course I took 697 words to tell you this when I am sure a quarter of the amount would have gotten the message across. Off to a great start! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Playing Catch-Up

  1. As long as you are having a good time, all is well. And I agree with short documenting for future reading. As a future RVer, I read a lot of blogs for pleasure and to learn, but honestly if it gets too detailed with words and pictures, I skim and may bookmark for future reference. Then I get too many of those and delete. I agree it’s a good idea to let the reader do some research if they wish to. Ofcourse once I get to meet and know some of the bloggers, their blog will become more personal. Thanks.


  2. Yup, blogging is hard work. I understand your anxiety about wanting to catch up. For me, it’s really difficult to write about things that happened a few weeks ago, much less four months. You’ll get there though. I think shorter is better, but it can be tough to pull off. Especially if you’ve been somewhere really interesting with a lot of history that you want to share. The hard truth though is that stuff is really just for you. Most readers will skip over it. When I want to write a short post I usually concentrate on telling the story of my experience and leave all the facts out (as you said, if they want to know more they can Goggle it). That doesn’t mean you can’t ever include all those details, but maybe only for really special posts, or when you have extra time. Good luck and I expect you to be all caught up by the time we see you around New Years 😉


    • Thanks, Amanda! You are wise with your words – almost as if you have experienced all this yourself! 😉 My goal is to be caught up by the end of the years, so let’s see if I succeed…


  3. Ha…sorry to laugh (just a little) but I seem to recall *someone* giving me a hard time about my blog being behind. It happens man…at some point the “doing” becomes more important than the “telling”. For me, I keep thinking I’m going to catch up…and I have faith I will…but then we find ourselves without internet for a few days or weeks. Our first year on the road we didn’t carry a mifi and were at the mercy of campground/coffee shop wifi…which is how I got so far behind in the first place. I know you’ll get there. Me, I’m not so sure I’ll ever be completely “caught up” but I’m still going to give it shot. Best of luck all around!


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