Meeting Kathy in San Diego

May 2015

It had only been about 6 weeks since I left Austin, but that seemed like a really long time being away from Kathy. It was time to reconnect and stay together for the next 7 weeks, and what better place to see each other again than San Diego. Kathy had a work conference she was attending to wrap up the school year, and we decided I should come down ’cause, well, I could.

I first had to get my house to a place I could leave it for the week I was going to be in California, and this place was going to be Salt Lake City, Utah. After our week in San Diego, Kathy and I were going to fly back to Salt Lake City and she was going to join me for the next 6 weeks. But I had to get to SLC first, so I could fly to San Diego. And that meant a drive up from Page.

I couldn’t do the drive in a day, so I decided to stop mid-way in Richfield, Utah at a Flying J truck stop. Yup, you read that right! A truck stop! And I would be losing my stay-at-a-truck-stop-cherry, which was kind of exciting. And it made me a bit nervous. Kind of like my first time… Oh, never mind!

Many truck stops, including Flying J’s, allow RVs to overnight. Not exactly the most glamorous of places to call home, but it definitely works as a place to catch some Z’s while traveling. It was an uneventful stopover, which is a good thing. Definitely something I would do again in the future, should the need arise.

I arrived in Salt Lake City the following day and parked my house in one of the very few commercial campgrounds there. I was looking for a safe place to leave my trailer that was convenient to the Salt Lake City airport, and this place fit the bill. So off I flew to San Diego the morning.


We stayed at the Hotel Indigo in the San Diego Gaslamp Quarter ’cause it seemed like a pretty cool hotel on the Interwebs and was within walking distance of the convention center, where Kathy’s conference was taking place. And it was a great choice! Turned out it was the perfect place to be based for our week-long San Diego adventure.

Located 2 blocks due north of Petco Park (where the San Diego Padres play), the Hotel Indigo has a roof top bar with views into the stadium. The Padres were playing some home games while we were there, so we made sure to go up to the bar to see the view. Not too shabby! It was neat watching the game on TV and hearing the crowd live.


Kathy’s exploration was limited pretty much to the early mornings and evenings as she was otherwise occupied at her conference during the day. I had a lot more time to explore as I was able to work from wherever. I have zero problem exploring on my own, so I put in quite a few miles hoofing it around.

Most mornings we would go for a jog through the streets of San Diego, which is a great way to do a bit of exploring. I would have preferred to sleep in, but Kathy can be quite the taskmaster when it comes to exercising. Not exactly a bad thing, mind you! A couple of mornings we jogged up to, and through, a bit of Balboa Park. The park seemed a bit rundown, so it was definitely not a place I would spend a great deal of time, should I ever find myself living in San Diego.

The Gaslamp District has a great selection of restaurants, so we tried out several, both for lunch  and dinner. I was able to introduce Kathy to her first Korean BBQ experience, which she loved. However, I was incredibly disappointed that this particular restaurant didn’t serve banchan (also called panch’an), or those tasty small plates served as appetizers. Quite frankly, that can sometimes be the best part of the meal, so I was bummed. Big time!

I took a few hours one morning to tour the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier moored in San Diego Bay. I took a lot of pics (big surprise, right?), so this adventure will be the subject of a separate blog post.

Sand between my toes

San Diego has some really nice beaches, and I was determined to visit at least one while I was in town. That one beach happened to be Coronado Beach, over on Coronado Island. Across a bit of water from where we were staying.

Since I didn’t feel like swimming, I took the water taxi from in front of the convention center over to Coronado Island. This put me on the east side of the island and the beach was on the west. No problem! It was a little under a 2 mile hike across the island, which I happily did in my flip-flops. Because that is the way I roll!

This meant I cut straight through the heart of Coronado, a very affluent city (which means it’s purty) with a population of about 25,000. A nice stroll that I did twice. To the beach and back to the water taxi. In flip-flops. I think I might have violated my “don’t hike more than 5 miles in flip-flops” rule that day. Oh, well!

Coronado Beach is right in front of the Hotel del Coronado, a very nice Victorian hotel that opened in 1888. Apparently it is the second largest wooden structure in the United States. And let me tell you, it sure is a swanky old girl! I actually found a nice tall-backed chair in some dimly lit corridor to call my office for a couple of hours. Some great people watching in the Hotel Del!

We had an awesome time in San Diego. Kathy had a successful conference and I was successful at doing a bit of exploring. Most importantly we had a great first week together.

The flight back to Salt Lake City was uneventful, and we settled into the start of our 6 weeks touring the country in my house.

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