Sand Hollow State Park – Hurricane, UT

May 2015

My sister may have gotten married, but that didn’t mean the party stopped. Instead it just moved a state over. Some of the people attending her wedding flew a very long way to Vegas and they wanted to see a bit more before they headed home. This meant my sister, her new husband, and a handful of people were off on a road trip. Zion National Park and Antelope Valley in Page, Arizona were on the itinerary.

I had to be in Salt Lake City so that I could fly to San Diego, but there was time for a side trip to Page. Cause, you know, I didn’t get enough of the celebration in Vegas. But my attending meant it would take me a couple of days to tow my house to Page, so I set off early and made a single night’s stopover at the midway point in Hurricane, Utah.

Sand Hollow State Park was my destination for the night. It would also be my first time in Utah. Strange cause I spent 11 or so years in Arizona, but that is another story.

I ended up staying in the primitive camping section (no utilities and no developed camp sites) on the west side of the reservoir which Sand Hollow State Park surrounds. It wasn’t too hot yet in southwest Utah and I was only staying a night. Staying in a deserted area of the park was incredibly appealing, as was parking on the beach.

Yes, parking on the beach. The primitive area of Sand Hollow is composed of roads leading off the main gravel road. Roads that lead down to the beach. Some are no more than Jeep trails, while others are much more suitable for taking your house down. I found one of these more suitable roads, far away from the few RVs on this side of the park, and headed straight for the beach. I ended up parking maybe a dozen feet from the water’s edge. All by myself. A brilliant location!

I didn’t do anything in the park as I arrived late in the afternoon, departed first thing in the morning, and had to get some work done in between. But I did enjoy a wonderful sunset. Yeah, it was a very pleasant place to stay.

Except for the bugs. Yes, bugs. Not sure what kind they were, but as I was enjoying the sunset I noticed a rather large numbers of bugs in massive swarms. And they seemed to like my trailer and Jeep. As in both vehicles were literally covered in them. I didn’t think too much of it until I woke up the next morning and went outside, to find that the bugs were now bug skins. It seems like they had shed their current skins and progressed onto their next life stage. Weird and interesting. Fortunately the bug skins blew off on my way to Page, Arizona.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Sand Hollow State Park is a huge off-highway vehicle (OHV) park. Side note: I thought they were called off-road vehicles, but whatever. Anyhow, the park has 6,000 acres of sand dunes on the appropriately named Sand Mountain.

The main campground at Sand Hollow is OHV-free. There is a separate camping area for those bringing their OHV’s, and I assume they are also allowed in the primitive camping area that I stayed. So you might want to pay the extra money and stay in the main campground (assuming you can get in) during the busy season. Unless you like the noise of OHV’s. I don’t particularly…

My first venture into Utah was a success, though short. And I was honored by the bug reception I received. 🙂

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